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About us

Everyone wants to feel accepted for who they are

Some of the world's most serious health and social issues are ignored or hidden from public view. As a result, many people who need help are afraid to seek it. At Talking Taboos we use research, design and behavioural science to shine a light on the beliefs and attitudes that fuel these taboos. Our work currently sits within the physical and mental health sphere.

What we do:

  • spark conversations that raise awareness
  • uncover hidden taboos
  • prompt social and organisational change
  • help people who suffer from taboos feel seen
  • create products and services that offer support

How do we do it:

Research: Bringing understanding to the taboo

Spark conversations: Encourgaing society to feel like the taboo is a problem to solve and holding space for those affected

Design: Co-creating solutions that impove the lived experience of those suffering because of taboos

Collaboration: Is at the heart of everything we do: increasing empathy, acceptance and compassion

Our partnerships

We do our best when working collaboratively and inclusively. Here are some of the organisations we've worked with, all doing great work to break down their respective taboo focus from mental health to loneliness.