What we do

Some of the world's most serious health and social issues are ignored or hidden from public view. As a result, many people who need help are afraid to seek it. At Talking Taboos, we use insights from cutting-edge behavioural research to understand the beliefs and attitudes that fuel these stigmas, and apply our marketing know-how to bring them into the public eye.

Why we do it

By exploding the myths around taboo health and social issues, we want to encourage sufferers to come forward and seek help, free from fear of rejection or ridicule. It's easier to reach out when you know you won't be ostracised. And it's easier to help when you know society will take you seriously.

How we do it

Informed debate is the antidote to ignorance and misunderstanding. We aim to shine a light on issues that people are afraid to talk about and stimulate a wider conversation. Taboos persist because they are uncomfortable to confront. We use behavioural science and consumer research to expose the myths behind them and make change happen.

Who we are

Talking Taboos is a charity dedicated to reducing stigma around serious health and social issues. It is funded by its trading subsidiary, Common.

Founded in 2017, Common is a problem-solving collective that helps local authorities, charities, government bodies, universities and the private sector address complex social questions, using perspectives from multiple disciplines. All Common's profits go to Talking Taboos.

Talking Taboos was originally set up by Cello PLC as part of its corporate responsibility programme before becoming an independent charity in 2017.