What we do

Taboos are at the heart of the most serious health and social issues the world faces. They result in the stigmatisation of people who need help. Talking Taboos uses cutting edge consumer research insights to understand the beliefs and attitudes that fuel unhelpful taboos in society. And the marketing knowhow to bring them into the light to generate wider debate and action around them.

Why we do it

By exploding the myths around serious health and social issues, we aim to encourage sufferers to come forward, free from fear of social exclusion or ridicule. Safe in the knowledge that people are informed rather than fearful of whatever their issue is. And for the individuals who can help to do so without censure or opposition.

How we do it

Taboos are exacerbated and driven by ignorance and fear, driving sufferers underground, away from the help they need. They are shrouded in myth and misunderstanding. Talking Taboos wants to shine a light on taboos that get in the way of people seeking help by revealing the underlying issues at their heart and stimulating a wider debate about them. Informed debate is the antidote to taboos. Encouraging it will make the change happen.

Taboos by their nature are uncomfortable, even unpopular to confront. As a result they persist unchecked. Established institutions are reluctant to tackle taboos head on for fear their toxic nature will negatively impact on their reputation, lose votes or donors. Talking Taboos has been established to fill this void, using research and marketing techniques honed in the commercial world to tackle thorny health and social issues in society.

Who we are

Talking Taboos was born out of the efforts of Cello plc, using the skills and expertise of its health and consumer marketing and research companies. After a successful launch, the team wanted to tackle taboos on a larger scale, with more frequency. To this end, the Talking Taboos Foundation was set up as an independent not for profit organisation that can raise funds in its own right and collaborate freely with other like-minded Foundations and organisations seeking to promote positive change in society.

While independent, Talking Taboos projects to date have benefitted from the generosity of the people and management of Cello Plc and operational businesses, Cello Health and Signal. We’d like to thank them for giving their time and expertise so freely, and the plc for its continued financial support.

Our supporters

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Cello Health is unique. Our best in class healthcare advisory capabilities provide a fusion of expertise that delivers a magic spark in terms of creativity, unique insights, intellectually-rigorous processes and smart solutions.

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