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Connect Through: A toolkit

Connect Through: A toolkit for event organisers to utilise existing spaces for connection

What is the toolkit for? To trigger a movement where all event organisers/activity organisers raise their awareness on the topic of loneliness so that they start incorporating nudges and small changes in their activities to facilitate human connection.

What do we mean by event organisers? Anyone who hosts activities where people who don't know each other (strangers) meet to do an activity together: run, pottery, learn a language, cook, fitness classes, walks, drawing classes, gardening, and more.

Why are we focusing on event organisers? Because based on our research, some people, when people feel lonely, they attend/join clubs, sessions, and activities to meet people. However, those activities are not always designed taking into account that the activity itself is an excuse or the means for a more important goal: connecting with others.

How does it work? The tool-kit is divided into 'small - medium - large effort' to cater to the different investments / commitments that organisers might have - symbolised by one, two, or three clocks ⏱️ One side of the card displays the tool (or tip), whilst the other explains the why. All of these tips and explanations have either been tested in our living lab with live participants who helped us develop the ideas or come from research but we are always open to more ideas or tweaks, so please get in touch!

What have people said/used it for? One person said they are going to use the whole toolkit for managing a company-wide session where she’s been tasked with building connections, whilst others have used it for yoga sessions, gardening clubs, and many more.

“It’s really helpful. It’s simple and to the point but aesthetically pleasing too” “I’m feeling very excited about using it now”

If you would like further information or a free training session, please contact us at: or

Download the toolkit prototype here